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paddra nsu-yeul ([personal profile] nsu) wrote in [community profile] musekbox 2014-05-09 12:08 am (UTC)

Yeul, for all she was, was just a girl who hated being alone even if she had so many powers within that. She looked at him with such uncertainty in her distant eyes, she even chose to look away. Yeul usually left such discussions to Caius Ballad; he was the strength that overpowered other people, forcing them to not threaten her. Now, she would have to be careful as there was no Caius to vouch for her or protect her, making her more insecure.

Even so, she judged him as he gestured an arm towards her as if motioning her to come a little closer. Taking a few more steps forward, she was not within arms reach but she was closer than she was before.

"How will you fix the splintering? It will happen again and again...as long as I cannot be reborn in the Chaos, but reincarnated through the Unseen Realm with a new soul." Yeul, essentially wasted souls, imperfecting the many that never went to the sea of Chaos. The wastefulness is what is left behind, unresolved memories all remembers by one and experienced through time only remembered by many and one.

"Unless you can make me whole again, keep my souls from splitting off of me as I am reborn." Or, somehow do that and stop her from ever being reborn.

Of course, Yeul knew that and kept that to herself.

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