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Hope Estheim ([personal profile] shadeofhope) wrote in [community profile] musekbox 2014-05-09 12:32 am (UTC)

Unlike Yeul, Hope had grown up after the fall of Cocoon to speak out, to connect with people and say what they wanted to hear. He learned quickly when to speak and when to stay silent; when to reassure and when to press on. Years, centuries, of public speaking had given him a confidence and ease of articulation to sway the hearts of people. What he wanted was the betterment of all, and that honesty and aspiration was easily found in every word he spoke. Perhaps that was why he had been chosen for this task: to convey the words of God.

Strangely, the ease of speaking felt harder to draw upon here and now.

(The disconnect was that Hope was a scientist. He drew upon facts, upon theorems and with the wisdom of experimenting again and again. He spoke truths and concealed only when truths served to hurt. He worked with what already existed, with what he was given.

Bhunivelze, on the other hand, created the truths He wanted to see. There was no need for experimentation, no limits on what He was given. Bhunivelze did not need to work with truths because he created truths. His word was law, even if what was said was untrue.)

"Human lives are limited," he acknowledged. "Such is the very nature of humanity. Before power is applied to fix your soul, you must consider what would happen should so many shades become one again. How will you handle it? Will you truly become whole as you wish, or will you plead for the gift to be taken away again when burdened by the lives and personalities of hundreds? God is forgiving, but not whimsical. A choice made will not be undone."

He smiled; boyish, charming, empty.

"Remember that your choice, your reticence, affects not only one soul but billions."

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