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paddra nsu-yeul ([personal profile] nsu) wrote in [community profile] musekbox 2014-05-09 03:13 am (UTC)

The youth walked in his direction, she listened to his words a little and took them in. She knew that there were several ways to correct the paradox and all of them required a huge sacrifice, not existing or becoming something less or more than human. After all, she was a remnant of Etro and couldn't be completely removed from the timeline or from history without ruining the time-line even more.

"I can never be truly human, Lindzei and Etro did not know this but it is the truth. I do not know if I could take on the memories and personas of hundreds, but what else am I to do? What if you are unable to fuse them again?" She placed her hand against against her chest, closing her eyes momentarily.

"Please, bring my guardian. I wish his input." Yeul was not able to make this choice alone, she took a step away from Hope this time. Yeul might have been nearly divine but she was still a unwanted child of man, a wanted lover of Caius and she could not make a choice without him.

Then again, he did pull her from where she was without him.

"My soul cannot be fix, you must make my existence as one exist

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