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Hope Estheim ([personal profile] shadeofhope) wrote in [community profile] musekbox 2014-05-09 05:45 am (UTC)

"Your splintering was a mistake. One made by the inexperienced, by the powerless."

The name Etro barely formed in Hope's mouth before his jaw snapped shut, deny the existence of such a word, such a name. He was not to bring the word into the world. It was bad enough Hope still pondered on the fate of the supposed Goddess.

Instead, movements jerkier than anticipated, Hope reached out a gloved hand. The gesture was meant to be disarming -- merely one child offering help to another, promising a miracle sought after through the ages. Bhunivelze offered nothing for free; she would have to reach out to accept his offer.

"With what little power you have, you should know who I am. Know that I have a reach greater than the one who bled for humanity, and you shall see a future before you that holds new life and new hope."

Yes, that was what Hope wanted. To fix everything. To make things better for everyone. It would not be an empty promise.

"But first I need a solution to the Chaos. Tell me, Paddra Nsu-Yeul... how can we save this world?"

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