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Yeul took a step or two in front of Hope, she did not take his hand out of gesture. She lowered her eyes to his gloved hand, then raise up to his bright, blue eyes; she was judging him for what he was at this moment. Yeul, unlike many, knew that God's could be deceiving and if she gave him the power and told him how to fix it that she would be miserable. Slowly, she opened her arms and waited for a solid minute.

"Such little power is destroying your world..." Yeul let the statement hang loose in the closed space between them. "Do you think I am not as smart as those are are divine because I am something more than mortal? I would like to experiment before I make my decision." Yeul tilted her head, silver hair slipping over her small shoulders; she was so small to be such a big problem.

Instead of saying anything more, she suddenly slipped her arms around his waist and closed her eyes. "Hope Esthiem, I know you still dwell within there. You are a man of intelligence, please do not let what happen to you colour your choices. Please, think logically." Yeul did not have Caius to aid her, nor to help save her should something happen.

Yeul clutched the fabric of his shirt, attempting to use what she knew as love to aid however deep Hope was located.

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