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Hope Estheim ([personal profile] shadeofhope) wrote in [community profile] musekbox 2014-05-09 07:38 am (UTC)

The touch was unexpected; startling. He couldn't help tensing at the action that he (neither the man-turned-boy nor god) had been unable to predict. There was a rolling turmoil behind his eyes, spiteful and hissing at what it took to be a blatant rejection. And how dare she reject the help of God; how dare she demand such spectacle from Him, the all-powerful! He should never have extended His help, not when the mere sight of her was repulsive to Him. Humanity was a blight to the world he created, nothing more than sacrificial lambs to be offered up in face of His goals. To think that she would defy the divine was laughable.

Yet there was still a part of Hope left confused by the actions, by the words she spoke. Confused by the pressure, the warmth, and the strange scent of her hair which was starkly contrasted with the sterile expanse around them. Of course he was there. He was the one speaking with her, echoing the words of a god whose efforts were turned elsewhere, to things of greater importance than a conversation between two humans.

(Except she was right, so very right and he railed against the prison of his own body -- she was the first person to see because that wasn't him, because Hope wouldn't have given in to the whims of God, no matter how great. Those actions weren't his own and he just wanted -- he wanted --)

"Logic dictates our arrangement as a scenario where both of us attain what we want." And he still didn't know what to do, a familiar awkwardness stemmed from centuries of isolation and before that, years where he brushed off human contact as nothing but distractions from his goal. There was an aborted attempt at comfort -- a mere twitch of his hands, a childhood reflex to hug back, before he forced tense muscles to unwind.

There was anger and violence in his veins, but that was easily ignored. There was no reason for it. He still didn't understand what she meant, and while the one watching behind his eyes was getting impatient, growing more malicious by the second, Hope had more patience than that.

Or perhaps it was just her actions which startled him from the grand plan he must have prepared.

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