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paddra nsu-yeul ([personal profile] nsu) wrote in [community profile] musekbox 2014-05-09 11:36 pm (UTC)

Yeul kept her hands on the back of his jacket and clutched him tightly. She knew that Hope or whoever she was grasping onto could not handle the filth of her, the Chaos that loomed in her very presence. She refused to release him; Yeul thought he would perish if she let him go. The silence in her just increased; she closed her eyes, listened to his heart to know that he was still real.

"What if your fusing makes things worse? What if you save nothing and destroy everything as I am now?" Yeul released her hands, slowly lowering her arms in disgust with herself. She thought if he could remember human companionship, he could remember what he was before what happened to him. Yeul moved her hands to his hands and grasped his covered wrists, pulling them up and turning his hands over.

"Have you forgotten human companionship, Hope?" She raised her eyes and looked directly at his own. When she couldn't continue, she lowered her hands. She did not like the feelings and energy that came off of him, it was almost exhausting, burning in sensation.

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