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Hope Estheim ([personal profile] shadeofhope) wrote in [community profile] musekbox 2014-05-10 12:44 am (UTC)

"That is --"

It was difficult, and he swallowed, a physical action merely reflex now seeing as it wasn't necessary for him any more. But the warmth was confusing. Distracting. Worrying, even. What did she mean?

"That is a risk for you to take. You can either choose my help or... stay as you are."

But that wasn't right. Was it? (Of course it was.) He didn't understand why she would wander so close. It was dizzying (nauseating?) and turned his words to ash in his mouth. For a moment, Hope remembered his curiosity about the Seeress of Paddra, remembered back when he had imagined the title to be one given to a series of leaders before further conversation with Noel (and wasn't he a tough nut to crack when it came to information) had revealed the title to only have been given to one: one girl. Again and again.

The same one in front of him, here and now.

He remembered wanting her help; the underlying insistence that he wasn't getting the full picture. Hope had never liked being left in the dark. Knowledge was a weapon he wielded expertly in place of metal or magic. His memories of wanting to know, wanting to understand, had led to her arrival. It may not have been his power (but was it?) which brought her, but it was his insistence.

But why? Human companionship? No, that was too strange a concept. It had been well over a century since he had stood with another individual, and longer still since he managed to connect with anyone. Of course he had forgotten it. There was nothing truly there for him to remember.

The thoughts were a distraction, one that irritated the presence in his head. He should be bargaining, should be securing a thread of the intricately woven web that God was casting, rather than thinking thoughts like this.

"I--" and he faltered, fingers curling over his palms as he stared down at his hands blankly, the residual warmth of her hands like fire on his wrist, bringing in a stark realization that there existed more than this cold, cold place.

For just a few moments, he didn't know what to say.

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