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paddra nsu-yeul ([personal profile] nsu) wrote in [community profile] musekbox 2014-05-10 04:48 am (UTC)

The two were drastically different, not even cut from the same tree. Yeul was the lifeblood of the planet, she smelled of wild fruits, sunny days and cool evenings on a wild frontier. Hope reminded her of a desolate, divine and sterile place where nothing lived and nothing grew. Yeul raised her eyes and tilted her head to Hope.

"Your hands, they are no longer made of the strength of man, but by gods." Yeul held onto his wrist, pulling her fingers into his glove and slowly pulled it off to reveal his hand. She easily rested her hand on top of his actual palm, she turned towards where she could see her world from afar in God's domain.

"Do you chaos swallowing the world, corroding it? This is because of me and I am an enigma. I do not know if my fusing all together, all at once will have effects on the worlds that cannot be undone. What if you were to destroy it? --You know I wish my guardian." Yeul pointed towards the world at a distance that they could see it clearly rotating.

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