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Hope Estheim ([personal profile] shadeofhope) wrote in [community profile] musekbox 2014-06-18 08:31 am (UTC)

At the mention of gods, there was a surge or calm that spread through him like numbness to sweep away his hesitation and uncertainty. This was all in the hands of gods now, after all, and Hope had very little to do with the outcome any more. The God of Light would decide, the calm informed him. Of course she was correct; Hope did not quite remember his time with people now, and that was just as well. Less to interfere with the plans for the future, to help save the world. He didn't need the strength of men who fumbled for hundreds of years, especially as humanity slowly died off. Over three hundred years into the chaos, and mankind would soon be extinct no matter how hard they fought against mortality. Despite the lack of ageing, death still occurred. Illness, accidents, and trauma wore away at both a human body and soul -- he had seen it happen far too often, with far too many people whose faces he could barely recall now.

His goal was to save humanity, and onto this Hope knew his path was true. The means, the plan... the rest of that was a little... fuzzy. It didn't quite belong to him.

He let her do as she wished, listening intently.

"So you would allow him the fate of the world once more?" He asked, voice calm. There was nothing to be felt about what happened in the past. Instead, Hope tilted his head slightly in question. "You know of your involvement in the chaos, and allow him reign over the fate of the human race. How heavy is the weight of your decisions, Paddra Nsu-Yeul? God has the power to recreate the world, but unless He understands this enigma, then the same thing may once again happen."

He dipped his head in acknowledgement to her words, ignoring the tiny nagging in the back of his mind that perhaps he should have grasped onto her words and warmth.

"He is not powerless. He is the Maker, the Creator of worlds. Caius Ballard was once allowed the fate of the human race, and now the world lies in ruins and the balance of life and death upturned. He does not have the strength to decide for the fate of all humanity."

Hope paused, letting the weight of his words sink in.

"Do you?"

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