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After all, she was not the original harbinger of the Unseen Chaos, but she was the eventual successor. Yeul's relationship with Etro was quite close as was her resemblance to Bhunivelze's mother; Mywnn. Yeul was a barely a human at all when one thought of it; she resembled a goddess, she was the model of humanity without the ability to disappear like the others. Yeul's position was almost like an undying Fal'Cie due to her having a specific purpose, a specific set standard of importance.

While she was turned watching Pulse's rotation, she heard the sound of Hope's voice ring in her ears. Yeul knew if he fixed this paradox that it could back fire, she knew that it was a delicate process. Even though she held onto his wrist, she turned to look at her own small hand beside him that was tainted in her sins against Pulse. She was self-sacrificing and all she needed was for someone to tell her that she needed to die to keep everyone safe, which that included Caius Ballad.

Yeul feared being alone more than the world's destruction, the solitude of confinement without the wild breezes or the gentle touch of Caius' hand. The thought was the first time that she started to show actual expression of sadness mixed with a certain level of fear. "He does not, but I do."

Yeul implied that she would be willing to give whatever she had for a world that did not love her, one where the one who did was apathetic in his curse. If she were to disappear to the Unseen Realm again, that place would be where she would be forevermore as Yeul could not be erased completely. Yeul was despondent in her feelings, but even she couldn't explain herself to him but she had to say something.

"I do not want to be alone...." Yeul's bright green hues focused on Hope's face as she said exactly how she felt for once.

The cursed existence she was dealt, the paradox she'd became and her resolution to rebirth herself until there were no humans remaining that could birth her.

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