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It was the authenticity behind the last words that had Hope smiling again, a little warmer this time than before, a little more human and a little more himself. Loneliness was a subject he was well versed in, from both experience and teaching.

"No one is truly alone." He said, feeling just a little bit like his old self again, remembering a time when he regularly reached out to people to reassure and encourage. "Even when you're left with no one else, so long as there are memories of others to guide you, you won't be alone. That's not something which can happen to a person who understands what loneliness means."

Because those who were truly lonely would never understand their plight, and Hope believed that. Loneliness was a state of mind, of understanding what it felt like to be loved and then have lost that warm feeling.

He had spend well over a century by himself here in the isolation of the divine, although he could not quite recall why (the thought merely floated by and then disappeared; his questions unanswered due to an inability to ask them in the first place).

"You're not alone now." He told her gently, fingers reaching towards hers as well in a gesture that felt both familiar and not. Hope had once been the type to reach out, to cling, but that had been long ago; long before he had grown up. But then again... he wasn't grown up right now, was he? "The decision you make now will influence everyone -- will be the turning point in your own life, but there is no such thing as a sure guarantee for success. All we have is a higher power to guide us, the thought of others to support us, and the belief that what we are doing is right."

That had to be enough. Hope had once made that enough.

He looked up at the rotating planet as well, expression unreadable. While Yeul had Caius to guide her, Hope made do with his memories to support him. Here, there was something more than memories. Here, there was power of a sort he could barely comprehend. The power to finally solve this puzzle which thwarted him for over four hundred years.

"With just that, we can do even the most impossible of things."

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