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When he said that no one was truly alone, she raised her eyes towards Hope and shook her head a little. "No, Hope. You know that I am truly alone, you know that I am a failed production of Etro and Lindzei. The only person with productive, true memories of me is my guardian -- the others who knew me only knew of who I am." Caius was her ability to reason and if her sacrifices were proper and not in vane as she tended to be foolhardy with her life.

The girl lowered her eyes, she was receptive to be touched because it tended to remind her that she was still a person to an extent unlike the others. There was no Caius to tell her that she would not throw her life away yet, that she should not be erased from the world to save it. Even if she was of a mind spanning thousands of years, she was a mind of a young girl within all of that and she made terrible choices sometimes due to her innocence. Yeul sometimes knew what was important and what wasn't, but Hope was confusing her.

"...What if it causes another paradox...?" Yeul said gently, starting to wane on whether she should say something or not to him. The girl's heart started to beat in fear because she felt like she was in danger.

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