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Yeul was so deeply sensitive, her heart would bleed just as Etro's did for humanity and it was doing that now. The pounding of her heart was feverish and unsettled, even as she stood there knowing the correct decision. The right way was to allow Bhunivelze to cleanse her, to remove the Unseen Chaos from the realm and force those former souls to cling onto one stem. Yeul feared that she would be forced into the Unseen Realm in complete isolation, causing more of an obsession to leave or use her powers should she be unable to go to the humans.

After all, she was neither truly human nor divine.

"My loneliness stems from being a mold and reminder of what humanity is and ever was, remembering the history and being a extinct species without real death or finality." Yeul said directly as she was now in a very precarious position with Hope. After all, she might be the oldest human in all existence, but she was never allowed to gain experience through age and death. The longest she remained away from Caius' own reprimanding of her own worth, the easier it would be to convince her of things.

Hope was gentle, just as she remembered and she tried to smile for him but it quickly faded. "I am one of many, and unable to speak for all but I am certain they could feel the same. I want to fix the paradox, but that is only possible by making me whole or making me divine." If Hope had called forth all of the Yeuls, he would have never been able to come to a conclusion due to how many agreed and disagreed.

"I am frightened." Yeul said, she stared directly at Hope for longer than a moment before turning her eyes down

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