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The Yeul of one and many stood before him with the memories of those behind her, one in particular who had visions of Hope. She tilted her head in his direction and silently listened as he began to go over the explanation of the things that she's done against the world. When he was finished, she simply stared as listlessly as usual until it was her turn to speak.

When he asked her what would correct the paradox, also how to dispel the Chaos that destroyed everything, she lowered her eyes in guilt. She knew the answer to both of those question, neither she was willing to give straight out. Yeul's need was more important now than it used to be, she would become incomplete and was unsure if she could truly live normally if the paradox was resolved.

"I cannot tell you without losing, Caius. You may have a face for Lightning's familiarity and I might admire you, but I do not want to be alone anymore. Bhunivelze is the reason I was created in the first place, I remained alone too long." Yeul said with a sadness in her tone that very few could tell that she had any, the clairvoyant sound to her sad musings out loud. "I have seen you in my visions when I had a living body, but I am sure you are not that man."

Yeul was soft-spoken, gentle and stern about hiding the reasons in her heart.

"I am at fault, but I cannot resolve my splintering on my own. It is beyond my power.." She said, lifting her eyes to Hope.

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