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Yeul was settled with Caius, her eternity was of guilt and love having lived many lives and refusing to be alone all the same. Yeul was the source of the Great Chaos that destroyed the world, there would be nothing left if she continued and lost her control. That control was only there because Caius existed and to remove her from that was to leave her without a person who could exist forever.

The shadows of her former selves roamed the halls of Etro's castle until this day, the time where she was existing was up; she must atone for her sin against the world. Yeul felt a tugging and she suddenly reached for Chaos, her Chaos surrounding him as she was unable to touch him as she could in life. They were each other's obsession.

The silver-haired maiden was suddenly yanked from her castle, her body appearing on a starry background and unstable ground as it appeared when she needed them. For the first time, Yeul could stand on a pair of real legs, she remembered the agony of her limp and looked around for a way to exit but she only saw a platform far ahead of her. In silence, she made her way up as her steps were positioned on platforms as they appeared until she saw Hope. She tilted her head to the right, she was not sure if this was something she was dreaming.

"Where is this place?" Yeul said, softly and listlessly.
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"Then there will be a paradox to be fixed." He said. "Would it help to continue on like this? There is danger in every action we take, some more than others for each person, yet to ensure a future, change must occur. To not take risks may mean we continue in safety, but then problems would never be solved."

He pushed back the spark of irritation, so separate from him, which flashed with the mention of Etro. That feeling lingered, waited, and Hope understood that the only appeasement would be to get the information he needed. What it was, he remained uncertain of.

Instead, he softened his tone and gentled his words. His gaze dropped to their hands. "...There is a type of loneliness in not being able to influence the world around you. To being surrounded and yet so far apart. To not be seen and not be found. That is one that does not go away no matter who you surround yourself with, so long as you're powerless to change anything."

There, he raised his eyes to meet hers, certain of his own words even as he ignored the presence in his mind. "We have a chance to create this change. Even if we make things worse, we would have a chance to put things better. What we know is limited, but the more knowledge accumulated means the less chance for things to go wrong. And I--" because it was I this time; not God and not any other cosmic power, but the Hope who wanted to ensure a future for everyone, "I need your help."
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"Fear means you understand." Understand that there was always the large chance of things going wrong. Of them messing up, divine influence or not. "Most fear the unknown, and your decision here will lead to a change none can predict. Not even God. There is no one who lives entirely without fear, because fear keeps them alive. It is a response that protects you."

Hope smiled, softening his words. "I don't know what will happen. But I'm glad you're here. Perhaps fear is more easily overcome with someone else there."

(His words are sincere, and it was for that sincerity that the presence behind his eyes rejoiced and cringed at the same time. It did not need others, did not need the support of what it considered abhorrent, yet by itself there was no chance at getting close that that Chaos.)

"Whether you are made whole or divine will be up to God's power." There was a nagging sensation that wanted him to tell her she wouldn't want to be divine: the divine lived and died lonely, perhaps lonelier than humans. Hope could not recall a single case (with knowledge he shouldn't know) where a divine being had the companionship that humans strived for. You may not like what you end up as, he almost wanted to say, but the words didn't make it far enough to slip past his smile.

"Let God do the work humans can not. Let Him take command."
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Let him take command.

Yeul ran that over in her head multiple times, she did not know the outcome of being a fixed paradox. The idea of things getting worse was a large possibility, but she had no other input and no way to find someone else she knew to ask their opinion in case they had one. Yeul felt extremely uncomfortable without Caius, but she moved herself forward and closed her eyes as a way to give him silent permission for whatever he was going to do.

She had never felt fear of the unknown until now, mostly because God's will was never known directly by Etro. The small, silver-haired maiden slowly opened her arms and slipped them underneath Hope's arms and rested her cheek against his chest.

"Please, I do not want to be alone..." She muttered as softly as possible, releasing her true fear to Hope.