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the Musek Box

where muses dance to the tune

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Name:Musek Box
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Community description:role play musebox!

The Musek Box

Once there was a man with a house, and in this house were many rooms. Normal rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom, and strange rooms like a laboratory or a room filled with porcelain dolls. The only thing all of these rooms had in common were music boxes. The man had music boxes on every surface of every room, on desks and shelves and chairs and wardrobes. He would wander from room to room, picking up music box after music box to wind them up until his entire house was singing... songs of sorrow, songs of joy.

And within each music box was a person. As the songs started to play, the person would awake in their boxes and come out, ready to dance with the rest of the people from music boxes throughout the house. As the music stopped, those people would sleep again... Waiting for when the man would came by to wind up the music box again, and they would once again wake to dance.

continued from lj.

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